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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Its not that easy !!

Today both Little R and I have discovered that trying out new things is not really that easy !  Phew !!

 R has tried really hard with her potty training, but does not seem to be able to get it !!!.... half way through the afternoon, when I realised she had a bit of a temperature and was simply crying out of frustration, I decided to give her a little break.  She was very happy after a lovely wash, a clean nappy, and her favorite spotty PJ,s ( she is a Mr Tummble Fan ! ) .   I am sure you can imagine how happy she was  when a surprise parcel came from her Nana, a new hand knitted Jumper.  Isn't it lovely. ( Thanks Mam )

And I was just as grateful for my little treat.  ( Thanks Mam ! )  Don't you just love Mothers, they just know what you need when you need it.

Because it has been quite an exhausting day for me too.  I have been working on my Christmas Quilt.  I guess the stress comes mainly because it is being made up totally out of scrap material, and I was getting a little desperate in the end to make some squares.

 I just ended up joining small pieces together randomly to make up a square and I am not sure if I like it that much really !!  Mmmmm

I guess its not bad .... I just hope that its not something that hurts the eyes of fellow quilting bloggers.  Although I am pretty sure it does .... the sides are not even, nothing is straight, it is definitely not perfect by any means, and I am sure a "real" quilter would have a lot of things to say to me ....

But I have made sure that every square is 8 inches by 8 inches  ( that's something isn't it )

Altogether I have been able to make 16 squares .... and now I have run out of material, not sure what to do now. ( Any ideas would be very welcome ! ) 

I need a break, so like My Little R, I am putting on my comfies and settling down to my lovely new magazine.  ( thanks again Mam )

Well at least I'm having a go.  Like I said to R,  "Never mind, we can try again tomorrow ! "

I am just looking forward to cwtching up on the sofa with my comforting crochet this evening to watch the final series of the Great British Bake Off. 

Lots of Love MyLittleCorner


  1. Poor R. She'll get there soon.
    Should have tried in the Summer perhaps?
    Anyway - you have been busy sewing, and if I knew you were short of fabric...
    Might have some red checks still around Charlotte to give to mum when she comes up next??

    Love and hugs to little R

  2. WHY ??? thats a shame. Oh well, never mind. Sounds good with the checks, thanks luv.,

  3. Well done on trying something new. My son was over 3 before he got the hang of potty training, and then he never looked back. It's a stressful phase of parenting though - good luck! And I love that magazine too. x