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Sunday, October 6, 2013


Thirteen years ago yesterday I married my lovely husband.  

1.  The day started with a wonderful bouquet of flowers. 

2.  Then as a treat we had breakfast in Delft, it is a beautiful town with a lot of charm.   This square is particularly lovely I think.

3 .  As it was Market Day we started to explore all the wonderful stalls.  What says Holland more than cheese and flowers. 

4.  Delft also has some wonderful church buildings, we decided to briefly pop in and have a look at this wonderful place.

5.  Delft is such a gorgeous place and everything about it says Holland to me. 

6.  Bikes .... Yes Holland is all about the bikes, they are absolutely everywhere it is amazing.  I guess you eventually get used to them.   (Except when your driving in the rain and the bike lane is crowded, then it drives me crazzzy ! )  

7.  Then for a wonderful surprise, quite unexpectedly, we turned a corner and guess what ..  It was Material Market Day .... a huge and amazing selection of stalls that sold all different types of materials and goodies ... Oh what joy .....

These were my favorites ... 

Wish I had lots of money to make Christmas Sacks ... but at 25 Euro a Metre, it was a bit out of my budget.. (Sad ) 

8. I Did manage to find something in my price range, there was a stall selling sample sheets of gorgeous designer material ... the prints were wonderful.  I am  looking forward to making something from this. 

I love this sample ... what can  I make, any ideas?

My Lovely E was interested in this and I think it would make a gorgeous quilt ... what do you think ?
9.  Then a well deserved ice-cream, it was a little tricky to decide on the flavour though ...  

10.  Then I think its time for the kids to have a bit of fun, they were so patient with me at the Material Market.  There was a rock climbing wall in the centre.... brilliant. ( The half an hour wait in the Que was worth it I guess )

11.  Almost 4 hours had gone by, I guess it was time to go home ... and give a little time to our lovely dog Maya.  I took her for a nice walk  along the canal, she enjoyed that.

12.  Then a gift for my hubby.....the Autumn Blanket I have been working on, I finally finished it.  Its not too big, but its perfect for having a nice lay down on the sofa .. it is really warm and very soft...

13.  That was my day celebrating 13 years of marriage to my lovely hubby, thanks for a lovely day.

Hope that you all had a wonderful Saturday.

Lots of love MyLittleCorner

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  1. What a wonderful day. Happy anniversary to you! That market looks fantastic. x