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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick or Treat

I love that Halloween is about Tricks and Treats, don't you ?

Today I started with a few treats . What could be more Traditional than Apples ... It is not Halloween without Toffee Apples or in our house Chocolate Covered Apples.

Apples Dipped in gorgeous milk chocolate or white chocolate and decorated ..... brilliant and very yummy ! I love it ... healthy/sinful treats....  Is it a trick or is it a treat !   ( Hahahahah... my evil laugh, I am practising  for Thursday )

Then with a bit of imagination and a lot of fun, you can wrap them wickedly with clear wrapping paper, tied with a tag and ribbon.  The Halloween Tag I used  are just  Brilliant aren't they.  A free design from  DesignSelective.  (Thank you Design Selective I just love them ! )  It is a very cheap and effective little extra for your Treats ... 

I made a few like this and wrapped them for a special family, who are in my thoughts this week.  ( I hope that they like it ) With a few eyeballs and skeleton arms and feet .... quite a "Wicked Treat ".

Then for the tricks .... my rats .... I am sure that with the Orange Lanterns I plan to make tomorrow with the children, they are going to look amazing.  I LOVE cheap and effective decorating ideas.  So many things can be found on-line now and I am so happy with all the lovely bloggers who are willing to share.   My idea for the lanterns where inspired by a lovely blog called Lilac and Lace. 

Things are really starting to "creap" up around here .... after all Halloween is coming .... are you ready ?
(  Hahahah ... my wicked laugh again )

Lots of Love  from MyLittleCorner


  1. Your home looks so festive! I was going to make toffee apples this week but it's such a faff, Now chocolate apples, that I can do! Yours look great, I'm going to use your idea if that's ok. x

  2. Of course ... I am happy that you like them and they are sooo easy to make, the kids love throwing all the sprinkles on them ... messy but the best fun always is . Happy Halloweening.

  3. Love the rats and frightened cat silhouettes!!
    Very clever!

  4. Oh Charlotte, what a great idea!!! I couldn´t stand from copying the idea with the chocolate apples. I just made them spontaniously today, and what can I say; Our house was the most wanted one... lol.
    THANK YOU!!! I also liked the idea with the lanterns! (I made them too ;-) ) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
    Theresa Stahl

    1. Your so welcome Theresa and I was so delighted that you did them too ..... glad that you had a great Halloween. !!! :)