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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stress Free Knitting.

Well the Halloween Saga is over, and I am still trying to clear all the decorations, but the rain doesn't want to stop, so for now there are still carved pumpkins and spiders roaming around my front garden.

Nevertheless, the rain has given me the perfect excuse to stay in, cosy up on my sofa and think of Christmas Presents.   Of course I cant say too much about them now, but they are definitely in progress.   I am not the worlds best or fastest knitter, but I am having fun.   I have a bag of lovely wool, and I am turning them into something useful, fun, warm and cuddly. 

 I love these two in particular ... ( cant give too much away !) ... but the colours are great aren't they.

These are also very cute, and I have been thinking about embroidering a few simple details on the front ...

These are my latest two ... they do seem to knit up rather quick so that is good... Although I do find knitting rather more work than crochet, but I am determined to improve my knitting skills so what better project than this ...

Knitting with 5 needles is fun and keeps my little boy intrigued ...  he thinks I am very clever.  Nothing better than cuddles and compliments from my Little S.

I think that I will settle myself down for a few more rows of lovely stress free knitting. I have lots more to make.

What have you all been up to lately.

Lots of love from MyLittleCorner


  1. Oh my goodness, knitting with five needles does not sound fun to me! I find two hard enough and would choose crochet every time. I bet you are making some wonderful gifts though. x

  2. Thank you Gillian, its not really that hard ... but I have to admit, I like crochet better too... but I do like the knitting effect and I really want to improve.