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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wrap it up

The time has come to finally wrap up all the Homemade Presents and post them off to my lovely family.  I have just one more present to knit, which is planned for tonight and then everything will finally be ready.  I have to say I have enjoyed myself immensely, but I think that I am pretty much done with knitting for a little while. !!!!  Phew !!  

Armed with paper, ribbon and tags I started the day of with lots of Christmasy Feeling .....

Its the best part isn't it, wrapping everything up and wondering what the receiver will actually think of all your hard work.   It was a bit hard not to doubt myself though and I hope so much that everyone likes their presents.

But my doubts didn't hang around too long, because I opened up my little stamp kit ( something I have been itching to do since I bought it ).  Aren't they great !!  I love them.... 

Well there you have it ... All Wrapped Up.

So my lovely family who live across the sea, your presents are on their way ... ( well at least they will be tomorrow ! )   Don't forget, "Don't Open until the 25th of December."

Lots of love MyLittleCorner.


  1. Congratulations Charlotte, not a mean feat!
    They look lovely wrapped up so festively too.

  2. I love the way you've wrapped and styled these. The striped paper is perfect, it reminds me of a candy cane, and those tags are brilliant. The good thing about sending presents to family members early is that it makes one very organised. :-) x

  3. I just stumbled across your blog through another fellow blogger, and just wanted to say hi- I love your wrapping and other Christmas ideas. :)

    1. Thank you Amanda, its always lovely to hear this .... you made me smile tonight.