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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Stockings

Christmas is just not Christmas without Stockings is it, after all where else would Santa leave his presents.

I thought I would share the ones I have made with you all.   These are my Mr and Mrs Clause Stockings ....  I am sorry that I don't have a pattern for you, I made them freestyle,  simply drawing a pattern out on a large piece of paper ... they are made of thick canvas and lined with fleece, finished off with black buttons and a bell on the toe of the Mrs Clauses boot..... 

Just to ensure that the boot of Mrs Clause keeps it shape I stuffed it with toy filling ... 

 With the same type of pattern as Mr Clause I made slightly smaller upside down elf's hats ... I made these with thick cotton, finished off with applique, or buttons and bells on the bottom ....

Of course then there is the classic shape Stocking.  Again I am sorry that I don't have a pattern, but I am sure that you can find something out there online for a simple shape, the embellishments can then be made according to your style ... I think that they can be made of any fabric, I even fancy them in white fur ... Mmm  maybe a project for next year . 

Have you made any Christmas Stockings that you would like to share ... would love to see them.

Lots of love from MyLittleCorner


  1. Such gorgeous makes! I really like Mrs Claus' stocking, and the upside down elves hats are great too.
    Marianne x