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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Smells like Christmas

Don't you just love the smells of Christmas, Cinnamon, Oranges, Cranberries and Cloves !! 
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 Unfortunately, here at MyLittleCorner it smells more like Eucalyptus and Olibus Oil,  as three out of four of the children are really sick.  High Fever, Heavy Colds, Headaches and an Awful Cough are but a few of their symptoms.   It has been quite an exhausting week of disturbed sleep and lots and lots  of tears.  So far I have luckily escaped the plague and I am hoping that it stays that way... there is just far too much to do this close to Christmas.

I did find on the wonderful web ... a recipe for a great Christmas Top of the Stove Pot Pourri and I am so tempted to give it a go.  We desperately need to get some warm Christmasy smells going on here .

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 Maybe this will motivate me to continue with the Christmas Preparation's.  I want need to concentrate on the Teachers Gifts and School Christmas Cards.   Also I want to write my Christmas Food Shopping List .... so hopefully I will stay healthy.

I have searched for a few ideas on homemade Teachers Gifts and have read many many articles about how teachers receive homemade gifts.  Some are for and it seems many are against .... Mmmm well,as most of my family received homemade gifts this year, that's what the teachers are getting too.

I have fancied making Jam and think that a small pot or two of homemade Christmas Jam will be the perfect gift.   I have been inspired by the following posts ... take a look, doesn't it just make you feel like whipping out the saucepan and start filling your house with gorgeous yummy jam smells.... ( I think I am just looking for reasons to fill my home with festive smells....  )

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I fancied giving Niegella Lawsons Chilli Jam recipe a go.  I actually saw her on a Christmas Cooking Programme while I sat and Nursed Little R.   It looked so warming and I could just imagine the tingy smells lingering from my Kitchen Stove, but then I came across this Blog, and read her comments about the recipe and well, she made sense,  so I might give her recipe a go.  Either way, I guess it all depends if I can get out to the shops tomorrow with my poorly children, to buy the ingredients and jars.

I already have a few ideas on how I will decorate them. 

How are your plans going ?  Do you have any easy, simple , cheap ideas for Teachers Christmas Presents.  Baring in mind I am on Nursing Duty at the moment !!

Take Care everyone, wrap up and keep warm and healthy, Christmas is almost here.

Lots of Love from MyLittleCorner. 

(The 4 photos I have used are not my own, they are from other sites that I have visited and that have inspired me, I have included the links that will direct you to these site, if however the owner of these photos would like me to remove them I will of course do so immediately.)

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