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Monday, December 2, 2013

Starting to feel a lot like Christmas

I just love the first week of December, when we say goodbye to the Autumn and a Big Hello to the winter and all the lovliness that comes with it.   Christmas songs being sung, Christmas Trees going up, and decorating the house with lots of twinkly lights, candles and lovely things.

The first job is cleaning the house like crazzy, because lets face it , once the decorations are up there is not going to be much dusting going on. ( Well at least not in this house )   

Then the second job, the most important job, is the Christmas Tree..... we all get in the Christmas spirit by wearing our Christmas Hats and blaring Christmas Songs ...  We LOVE it .... 

Everyone wants to help and cant wait to get stuck in, its a whole days job so as you can see we start it in our PJ,s and end it in our PJ,s. 

Almost there ...

The children open all the boxes with the decorations, so many memories escape and I watch the children chat and giggle about the things that go on our tree ... decorations that they made, or bought ... fun fun fun.

 While they are busy with that, I start around the house, twinkling things up and making things look pretty.  I just love the warmth of candles and the sparkle of lights around the house at Christmas dont you ? 

Well it is certainly starting to feel a lot like Christmas around here and I am loving it.  

How is your decorating coming along ? 

Lots of love from MyLittleCorner

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