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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Teachers Christmas Gifts

If your looking for a few easy peasy Christmas Gifts this year for teachers why not try these.

Homemade Christmas Jams

Handmade Notebook Covers

Both gifts are SUPER easy to make and go pretty fast.  I mean if I can manage to make them with a house full of sick children, anyone can. 

The nice thing about giving Homemade Jam as presents is that you get to enjoy the lovely yummy aromas of Cranberries and Chilli's filling your home.  (Personally my favorite part) .

 I decided to make the basic Cranberry Jam, always a must for Christmas I think  and something a little spicier ... Sweet Chili Jam.  The Cranberry Jam recipe you can find here.  I chose this one because basically she promised that it was the easiest recipe ever ... and it was. 

You can find the recipe for the Chili Jam here,   It is such a great recipe and it is so forgiving, (again my favorite type of recipe,) you can make errors in the ingredients measurements and it still works out great. Phew!!  Thank goodness.

The colours of the chilli's were so fiery and Christmasy, I just loved making this jam, I say Jam but it is more like a Sweet Relish and it is gorgeous with crackers and cheese.  (The little bit left over is already all gone, even the children loved it)

Making them pretty is the most work you have to do, but personally I love prettifying things so this was easy relaxing work.  You can do this according to your own style, I thought it would be cute to add a teeny tiny spoon to each one, you can get them really cheap in a pack of 6, which was lucky as I had 6 teachers.

The labels were also very simple to make,  well for me anyway because I delegated this task to my lovely L  who made them for me!! (Thank you my darling)  She used some free printable downloads moved them over to Paint and filled in the text for me.  Didn't she do a great job ?

I wanted to make two Thank You gifts for some special people who have throughout the year been there for me.  So I decided to decorate these a little differently.  I hope that they like them.

The second gift I made today, literally takes less than half an hour to make...  seriously that quick !
You can find the tutorial here on a lovely blog that I stumbled across called lara cameron, I thought it was brilliant.  It has my mind thinking of all the ways I can embellish them with buttons, embroidery and other wonderful bits and bobs.

Again these gifts are intended for Thank You / Christmas Gifts for two special people.. just need to finish them off ever so slightly and voila.

Do you have any homemade Teachers Gifts that you have made.  I would LOVE to hear about them.

As for now, its time for me to be the Mummy again and put my lovely, ever so poorly children to bed.

Lots of Love from MyLittleCorner


  1. The jams look so wonderful and I love how you have decorated the jars. The fabric covered notebooks are gorgeous also...I will definately be taking a look at the tutorial for these as these wold make great birthday gifts too I think.
    Marianne x

  2. What gorgeous gifts. I love the red and white theme you've carried through this, it makes it look so festive. And what a good idea to include a teaspoon with the chilli jam, I like that very much. I gave jam and chutney to our teachers too. It is always well received! x