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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kitchen Windowsills

It has been a while since I have been able to post, but  have been so busy getting super organised here at home.   My Home has been in need of some TLC for a while, during the whole getting ready for Christmas and Christmas and our little family holiday, the home front has been neglected ... a lot.

My gorgeous mam has come from Wales to help me and we have been sorting out and cleaning everything.  It is starting to feel and look really good.  Thanks Mam.

I have been enjoying watching my lovely daffodil bulbs popping out on my kitchen windowsill and have been patiently waiting for my Hyacinthia's to catch up ... they are a little slower, but they get there in the end.

I managed to have a make over on my hair, going from long straight hair, to short layered hair.  It is different and is taking a bit of getting used to, but I am happy. ( I think ! )

Hopefully I will have some lovely new things to share with you all soon.   Meanwhile hope that you are all well .

Lots of Love from MyLittleCorner


  1. You must post a picture of your new hair do!
    And it is so lovely to see a little bit of Spring in your beautiful home Charlotte!

  2. Thanks Jo., Maybe tomorrow I will ... my profile picture needs an update !!

  3. Glad to have found your lovely blog - I love the 'Little Woolie' blanket too and fancy making it.
    I'm in the process of sorting the house out too - it's one of those new year things I think. When things are clean, tidy and uncluttered I can enjoy the simple stuff like hyacinths on the windowsill - maybe it will happen in the next couple of weeks. It also helps to have a Welsh Mam to support you and sort things out (mine was the same).