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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Handknitted Hot Water Bottles: Made to order

Tadaaa ... Another Hot Water Bottle Finished.  This particular one is a present for one of my lovely Nephews who is really more like a little brother.   ( Hope that he likes it ! )  You can have one too if you like I have decided to make them upon request.  

Here I did  a roll down top, the others were just knitted on the edge.  Both in my opinion are just lovely, but the roll down top, does give it a woolly jumper type of feeling.  What do you think ?

I have started taking orders for these now and will be offering them at 23 Euro ( including a Fashy Hot Water Bottle ) or 17 Euro without the bottle.    The wool is 100 % Wool, which ensures long lasting heat and the colour of your choice can be made. 

Would love to have your feedback ....

Lots of love MyLittleCorner


  1. This looks so snuggly even without the hot water!! I'm sure your nephew will appreciate the manly colours too. Good luck with sales, there's still a lot of winter to get through! :-)

    1. Thank you Louise, I hope so .... I am a little nervous about starting to sell things, but I want to make a start this year ... maybe set up an Etsy shop too... how is your shop going ?

    2. Very slow - mainly, I think, due to me not making much stuff these days. Don't let that, or anything else put you off though, it's great fun and cheap as chips!!

  2. Lovely creations Charlotte!
    What's stopping you from setting up the shop??
    Please let me know what I can do to help you - header designs etc...
    Big Cartel is a great site too you know - and a little less intimidating.
    (No public sales figures, or how long your shop has been open)
    makes me wish I had started with BC.

    Go for it Charlotte - it does take a little time setting up - but just start.

    Love and hugs to Mum too (we are missing her here.)

    1. Thanks Jo., I will have a look at BC ... I guess I am a little nervous ... but I am determined so I will get on it soon, this week I have been sorting out my house with mam, I LOVE having her here ... will miss her so much next week. !!