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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Birthday

Its my dearest S,s birthday today, she is my second daughter  and she turned 11 !! I can hardly believe it, it seemed like yesterday that she was only 2 and danced along to Mulan with her toy broom ....  Due to an accident involving a marble table,  I could have lost her at 17 months, and I treasure every day that I am able to be her Mum.  I am so grateful that I have her. 

She is a beautiful girl, with big brown eyes and thick, long dark hair.   She has so many talents and abilities and has shown a great interest in photography.  So we decided to buy her a Camera.  She was of course delighted and very surprised,  I am hoping that we can both learn together, something we can share and have fun with.
Little R loved helping her open all her presents too, she loves Birthdays .
 The crown was made by her little brother S, all by himself... another aspiring artist. The book was from her Grandma, its in German.  I find it amazing that my children are tri-lingual, English, Dutch and German.  That is quite an achievement.
A beautiful present made by her Big Sis, L.... she was delighted ( Isn't it great ! )

One of my lovely girls interests  is baking and she is normally the designated Birthday Cake maker, she does such a great job, her latest being a Music Themed Cake for her older Sister, L.  
So with this in mind I wanted to make sure we did her proud.  Rosie and I set about in the Kitchen after the school run this morning, and a quick shop for all the ingredients.

We decided to choose this for our inspiration ....  I hear you .. its quite a challenge, especially for me. (Well it really was, it might look easy, but there is really an art to cake decorating ! )
The picture was found here
Now I have to start off by saying ... I LOVE baking, or should I re-phrase that , I LOVE watching baking shows, it is so relaxing and enjoyable.  I am a great fan of the Great British Bake Off and absolutely love Mary Berry and of course Paul Hollywood.    But when it comes down to me being in the kitchen, somehow things don't work out quite like I imagine.  I am messy, unorganised, forgetful and well lets just say interesting things happen when I bake.  (That doesn't mean though that I would not love to be different so I keep trying.)
We started making our Victoria Sponges, so far so good ( well you would think so !! )  We forgot the Butter.  Lets be fair who makes a cake without Butter !! Nevertheless, we went onwards and upwards, with Little R making the icing in the middle..... we made 4 layers with white vanilla frosting in between.

Now I realise that we should have probably added Jam or something else yummy, but at the time this was all we could manage...
 Although Little R is just 2 years old, she is so clever in the kitchen, I just smile when I watch how easily she finds the little tasks I set for her, even the spreading of the icing.

I am sure the comments form Mary and Paul would be on texture, colour and balance right here... but oh well. We were having fun making memories, no amount of texture or colour can beat that . ( right Paul ? ) 

Little R was occupying herself by decorating the cupcakes ( All alone ! ) while I tackled the big Frosting Challenge.... my show stopper.
I love this timer, isn't it fabulous.  It was a gift from Santa for my lovely S  ( Thank you Auntie P ) 
And TaDa ... ok I know that Mary and Paul would probably have a lot to discuss, but nevertheless here is my creation.      Did I do her proud ?    I think I did. !!
My birthday girl is now tucked up in bed along with her other 3 siblings, and I sit here smiling, thinking to myself ... although its hard being a "mummy", it is one of those roles you cannot explain to others as being the best thing in this world.  Lets be fair, I have had one crazy busy day , I am exhausted, so tired that at times a coherent sentence is just too hard. I only have four children but can never seem to call them by their correct names ... !! ..    They love me though, they love me and hug me so much and I am so very grateful for them.   They make everything in my day, in my week, in my life worthwhile.

Thank you for dropping by and sharing this wonderful day with me.  Happy Birthday my darling S.

Lots of love MyLittleCorner


  1. What a day, Charl! I'm proud of you all. The cake is amazing! Looks like a yummy sugar bomb :-)
    You are blessed with your four talented childrens and they are blessed with their parents. Especially with their creative Mam (sorry B - you know you are my one and only and dearest "Superspießer" SCHMATZ!)
    You've worked a lot today - so go to bed with a smile and the knowing that you are the BEST EVER!

    1. Thank you Britta, your words mean a lot. xx

  2. Happy birthday to your girl! The cake looks amazing! It is decorated so beautifully.
    Marianne x

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter, will we be seeing some of her photos here soon? Such a talented family too, I love that your children make presents for each other, it really makes them special.
    I had to laugh when you talked about getting your children's names wrong! I do it more and more, even though I hate it when my mum mixes me up with my daughter. The worst is when I call my sons Sam and Tom either Tam or Som, which don't even make sense lol!!

  4. How did I miss this post?
    I suppose with everything going on at home, it got a little lost...
    The cake is a marvel - and it looks as though Sarah, had a lovely day!!
    love and hugs