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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Taking the time.

 Its half term and my crazy "taxi mum" life is on hold for a week. Phew!!!  It has been so wonderful spending the mornings in our P.J,s and not hurrying off out to do all the school runs.  Just taking our time to let the day happen and unfold as it will.    But what I have enjoyed most is that we have had the time to notice that Spring is on its way .....   Isn't it wonderful.

We have  taken the time to take lovely calm quiet walks in the forest.

 Little R has taken the time to enjoy the muddy puddles and why not !!   I love to see the children surrounded by nature, especially as most of our time is in the City.

We have had the time to sit and watch the wild parrots eat out of our Winter Bird Food Basket .... aren't they absolutely gorgeous. 

Somehow though with all this time on my hands, the house has become a complete tip.  There are toys absolutely everywhere.  The washing basket seems to be like the magic porridge pot ( an old childhood favorite story)  as soon as it empties it just fills back up.  Wish my purse was like that ??   And the dishwasher never seems to stop ...

Nevertheless, I have enjoyed this time and plan on continuing to take the time to just be.    I am in the middle of making a few easy crochet cushions with left over wool ... hopefully I will be able to post some pictures soon.  

Hope your all enjoying the half term week as much as me.

Lots of love  MyLittleCorner

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