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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I have missed ....

Spring is such a lovely time of the year isn't it ?  It really motivates you to clean and sort which is perfect for me at the moment with all my packing and sorting!!

Unfortunately I have not really had that much time to indulge in the world of blogging and I miss it so much. I miss catching up on all the lovely wonderful blogs that I follow ... like Anne Maries Haakblog her posts are always lovely and offer lots of free patterns that are definitely worth a visit.  This is the page from her latest post and she offers all these wonderful Easter much fun.

 Another lovely blog is felted button who also has wonderful designs on offer (also for free).  Her latest post has made me miss having a Spring Project on the go.  I am itching to start a lovely Spring Blanket and miss so much having my crotchet all around me....

I would encourage you all to look at another gorgeous blog,  rhubarbinthegarden.   The artist is my sister and she is so talented.  I have missed being around my sisters and look forward to being with them all again soon.   Take a look at her latest post, she designs and makes jewelry, they are so beautiful.

There are so many other blogs that I think are wonderful, take a look at "Blogs I think are lovely" on the side bar,  you wont be sorry.

I miss taking a few moments each day to write about my day and the goings on around here.   It just seems that the hours in the day are not long enough at the moment.  Packing seems to take such a long time and I have to wonder why after all my moves WHY I still have "what I call"  Rubbish around the place.

Yes I am a Miranda Fan.... my sisters actually saw her live this week and I missed not being with them !! If you want to have a laugh and chear yourself up a little but... Miranda is definitely the medicine.

I am actually returning to England and not Wales, but I am definately a Welsh Girl !  With all the wonderful Daffodils sprouting up everywhere, it has certainly reminded me of that and I have missed being there.   I have a lovely bunch on my windowsill that just chear me up every time I look at them.

 I was of course very proud of the Welsh when I was watching the Rugby with my lovely S,  we had a great time together.  He is so excited to be able to be around so many of his cousins, he is the only boy in our home and he misses very much having boys around to enjoy sports with.  

There are only 3 weeks left until my Big Move back to the UK.  I have to say that I have missed being on the Island, being away over 15 years makes you feel like a little bit of a foreigner !!  With every box I pack I know that I am that much closer to being there again with Family and Friends.  I have missed being close to my Family and look forward to being with them again.

It was fun to catch up with you all.  I wish you all a wonderful week.

Lots of love from MyLittleCorner


  1. Thanks for the heads up on some lovely blogs - that blanket is making my fingers itch!!

    I hope your move goes well and we manage some sunshine for you on your return to the UK :-D

    1. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do ... I know what you mean about that blanket !! Haha. I hope that the sun shines too .... looking forward to being in the UK again. xxx

  2. Wow what a catch up!
    I love Sams Rugby shirt :)
    Thank you for the compliment Charlotte and the link to my blog :)
    We are so excited for you all to be here...

    1. Your welcome Jo., I love your work you are so talented ... My Lizzy takes after you thats for sure. Also cant wait to be there .... its been a long time. xx

  3. I love Miranda too. Thanks for the links to those lovely-looking blogs, I'll enjoy browsing those. In fact I've already had a look at your sister's - her jewellery is stunning! Talented lady. x