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Sunday, September 28, 2014

First Pattern Sewing Kit (part 2)

As promised a few more pictures of our lovely Upside Down Pixie Hats Sewing Kits for you .  Making up these kits has been a lot of fun and has been a family effort.  My Lovely L has been our technical support and my Lovely S has been a great hands on with making up the kits. 

Once all the pieces of material were cut to size and ironed, and the buttons and ribbons organised, everything was ready ti put the kits together. 

 We decided to hand sew the wooden buttons on a small cream card and to include the pins needed to hold the ribbon in place before sewing. We think it added a nice personal touch.  My Lovely S helped a lot with this.

Voila ... our first Kit ... I am so happy with the result and am excited to place them in our little shop, I think it is  a bargain for 4.95 don't you ? 

We wrapped the pattern, the instructions and the materials in a cellophane A4 Sleeve...and there you have it..... Our very first Sewing Pattern Kit.   Yeah !! 

We have been working on another kit today for a simple Pin Cushion for beginners, this will be the cover photo for the pattern.  What do you think ?

Hope you have had a lovely day.

Lots of love MyLittleCorner

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