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Sunday, September 21, 2014


It has been quite a while since I have written a post on MyLittleCorner and I have missed everyone very much.

 The last few months I have been so busy moving to another country, setting up a new home, settling the children into new schools and trying to set up a little business with my Lovely Sister.

You can find our facebook page here

We have opened a little stall at a wonderful place called Botany Bay in Chorley  We have filled it with all of our handmade crafts and hopefully we will be opening an online Etsy Store Soon.  We would love your feedback and of course any suggestions.

Handdrawn and Designed by my Lovely L.

We have been working on a few kits for our Stall and of course for our online shop which should feature some of our own designed stockings .

Its been a lot of work but it is great fun and very exciting.   I hope to keep you all informed as to the progress of things ... wish us luck. 

Its good to be back.
Lots of love from


  1. Welcome back! My goodness you have been so busy. Your stall looks fantastic, I only wish I lived closer. I shall keep an eye out for your Etsy shop. I hope you and your family are settled into life back in the UK and wish you luck in all your ventures. (I'm off to check out your FB page!)

    1. Hi Louise, thank you so much, it is certainly good to be back. I enjoyed catching up on your blog too and look forward to seeing the Christmas Gifts you plan to make !! Being in the UK again is great and I am enjoying understanding everything everyone says, although I have to be honest the Lancashire Accent can be quite a struggle at times. We hope to get our Etsy shop up and running within the month ... I will post a link as soon as we do. Thanks again for your lovely comment.