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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Star Baker

Saturday is a busy day here in our household.  The day starts early like any other week day as my eldest daughter L goes to the RNCM ( The Royal Northern College of Music ) for the young talented, she is a pianist.

The college is in the City ... Yucky ... I am not a city fan, all that traffic and impatient drivers.  It is quite a long drive and takes us 45 mins in and 45 mins back which we have to do twice of course.  My other children are so patient, I set up the Car DVD player and stack them with drinks and food.

We have decided however to use our time in between on trying out new recipes, today we  tried Paul Hollywoods Ciabatta. yummy !  My second eldest daughter S was the main baker, I was the equivalent to Mel and Sue.

The recipe for Ciabatta in Pauls Book

So when we got back my lovely S and I set about to get it all together ... we were excited after having just watched Paul Hollywood do it last night on TV (is anyone else a fan of the Great British Bake Off )

Using Strong Flour, Salt Yeast and 400 Ml of water ... then to grease the 2L Tub
We made sure to beat it for 15 mins ... (It actually doesn't say that in his book , but he did say that last night I am sure of it, S was not BUT I was and so we did!)  Its nice being the Mummy sometimes, we do get the last say ... we had a great laugh about it ..

Wrapped in a simple Plastic Bag
 We don't have a proofing drawer in our little humble kitchen,  so we used a plastic bag, and kept it close to the oven which was cooking our chicken casserole ... Paul said it was ok and whats good enough for Paul is for us too.

A whole hour seemed a little excessive at first to wait for proofing but we were determined to do it right and we were glad we did, just look at this ....

A heavily floured surface and as a Tip ( which is also not in the book but was on last nights show ! )  To use a little bit of semolina in the flour and on top of the Ciabatta .... )  We were happy that we watched the show last night !

Great Tip, Sprinkle with Semolina and use a little on the surface with the flour
It was so exciting to see this wonderful dough fall out in one piece on our "heavily floured" surface ... 
Next was to cut the dough first in half and then in half again, sprinkle more of the semolina on top and voila, it was ready for putting on the trays and ... no not baking ... not yet, we had to wait another 20 mins to rest the dough...  phew, all this waiting, but Paul does say it will be worth it doesn't he.

Then to cook for 20 - 25 mins and here you have it perfect Ciabatta ... Don't you think that ours or should I say S,s look just the same as Pauls..

I have to say it was actually pretty perfect, well done S you are Star Baker today ! 

We ate it with a lovely homemade chicken casserole, perfect for the Autumn day that we had today and especially comforting after all that travelling.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Lots of love MyLittleCorner.


  1. I think your ciabatta looks fantastic. I love the GBBO and am always sad when it's over, as it's such good fun. x